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PE Mysis Shrimp Pellets - 1mm


PE Pellets are handcrafted in small batches at the Piscine Energetics' laboratory located in British Columbia, Canada. PE Pellets are a highly palatable, nutritionally complete fish food designed to enhance coloration and induce an energetic feeding response in all varieties of fish. Both saltwater and freshwater PE Pellets contain fresh PE Mysis as the leading ingredient; resulting in a nutritious diet of high protein and fatty acids, with omega's 3 and 6.

Our fish pellet processing mirrors the immediacy and intensity of our flash frozen process to ensure the fish pellet is as delicious and nutritionally rich as the freshly caught, live Mysis shrimp itself.


Features of Piscine Mysis Shrimp Pellets



  • A nutritionally complete fish food for saltwater aquarium fish.
  • Formulated with fresh PE Mysis shrimp results in a highly palatable and digestible diet.
  • PE Mysis shrimp sustainably harvested by Piscine Energetics is naturally gut loaded with phytoplankton, rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and high protein content.
  • Contains astaxanthin: a powerful antioxidant, natural color enhancer and immunity booster.
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada at Piscine Energetics feed laboratory.
  • 1mm pellet size ideal for smaller sized fish.



PE Mysis Pellet Feeding Instructions


As a general rule, feed PE Pellets two to three times daily as much as your fish will eat within three minutes.


Piscine Mysis Shrimp Pellets Ingredients


Mysis diluviana, White fish meal, wheat flour, Antarctic krill meal, Brewer's dried yeast, whey, sodium alginate, molasses, fish oil, astaxanthin, spirulina, choline chloride, lecithin, I-Ascorbic acid 2-monophosphate, and other vitamins and minerals. (see package for complete listing).


Guaranteed Analysis of PE Mysis Pellets


Crude Protein: Min 42%, Crude Fat Min 8%, Crude Fiber Max: 2%, Ash: Max 6%, Moisture: Max 10%, Phosphorous Max: 0.75%, Omega 3: Min 2%, Omega 6: Min 1%.