AquaFX Bulk Deionization (DI) Resin 1lbs

AquaFX Bulk Deionization (DI) Resin 1lbs

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AquaFX Premium Blend DI Resin -
This is for 1 Lb of Color Indicating Mixed Bed Deionization (D.I.) Resin from AquaFX -
Need more resin in bulk? No problems, simply select the amount that makes sense for you from the drop-down menu.

Feel confidence as you pack your DI filter with the one and only DI resin trusted by Reef and Salt aquariums for the past two decades. This is the only DI resin used to make water for MACNA (New Orleans 2017) - Achieve the same water quality desired by Universities and Laboratories around the globe with our AquaFX Premium Blend Color Change DI resin. 18 Megaohm Resistivity Replace the DI resin in your AquaFX system today if you are no longer at zero ppm.

This DI resin will also work in any RO/DI system with a refillable filter shell, such as BRS, Spectrapure, Vertex, IceCap.

• Virgin Resin
• Color-Indicating
• Made in the USA (Most are not)
• 18 Mega Ohm Resistivity
• Nuclear Grade
• Color Change goes from Dark Blue and exhausts to Orange/Rust Red
• Strong Acid Strong Base Resin

NOTE: Most 10" DI Cartridges will hold approx 1 Lb of DI resin.